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Property Development

Coorong Realty Property Development

Coorong Realty is a property development agency for people who want to develop contemporary property solutions that meet market needs.

Coorong Realty does Property Development in Tailem Bend

Experienced in Property Development Coorong RealtyCoorong Realty is a real estate agency that understands the property development process and is well networked with builders and tradespeople alike.

Unlike doing it yourself, we have access to a team of proven performers. Our property development service gets things done using experience, persistence and passion to build properties that you can be proud of.

We work with investors to re-purpose and create modern, market ready properties.

Building on our long term experience in property development, we offer a fee based property consultancy service that supports developers to achieve their investment goals.



As property development consultants to your project we can help you with:

  • Development Applications
  • Concept designs
  • Interior Styling
  • Finding the right tradespeople
  • Finding the right builder
  • Project management of fitout and furnishings

Simcock Commercial and Coorong Realty – Property Development Expertise


Kerry Simcock is Principal of Coorong Realty, but prior to real estate she worked, and continues to do so, with her family company, Simcock Commercial.

Simcock Commercial is a property development partnership focused on regional commercial assets.

Established in 2005, Simcock Commercial has developed a range of commercial assets including a multi tenancy office complex, a series of retail/local service shops, an industrial shed and storage facility and a new tourism accommodation and facilities project on the River Murray.

Simcock Commercial is comprised of three family members and business partners:

Coorong Realty is a property management and real estate agentKerry Simcock – Kerry is responsible for development approvals and project management of the Simcock Commercial projects.

Kerry is a veteran (and has the war stories to prove it) performer on non-complying and change of use development applications.

Kerry has successfully negotiated, and led, the development approval process on a range of commercial projects including storage sheds, commercial land division, change of use from retail to service trade premises and has recently established a commercial laundry facility.

Understanding the importance of being market ready, Kerry is someone that you need on your property development team.

A project manager by trade, Kerry not only has the written skills to support your project, but the planning skills to make it happen.


Property Development Coorong Real Estate

Bob Simcock – Bob is a retired farmer and current Coorong Council Elected Member.

Bob has spent more than twenty five (25) years in local government and has a keen interest in pragmatic natural resource management.

As a business owner and farmer, all his life, Bob knows how to make property development happen in a practical sense.

Bob brings machinery, earthmoving, construction and road making skills to the Simcock Commercial projects.


Coorong Real Estate Property DevelopmentLyn Simcock – Lyn is also a retired farmer and she provides bookkeeping support to Simcock Commercial.

Lyn utilises her finance and admin skills to support the Simcock Commercial team and is often found on the front line of the building projects making sure that our tradespeople are fed, watered and kept very happy.

Lyn has also had an active commitment to her community through many volunteering positions.

Lyn is currently the Treasurer of the Tailem Bend Lions Club.


Simcock Commercial delivers market ready properties

Simcock Commercial, under Kerry Simcock’s leadership, has delivered a range of commercial property projects over the last 12 (twelve) years, including:


Experienced in Property Development Coorong Realty

Willow Street Precinct, Tailem Bend

Formerly the Westpac Bank and Bank Manager House, the Willow Street Precinct building was the first Simcock Commercial project.

Completed in 2006, this full restoration project now houses multiple tenancies including Elders Real Estate, Coorong Realty and Tailem Bend Chiropractic.  Willow Street Precinct also has a Boardroom that is available for day hire.

Willow Street Precinct



 Experienced property development in Tailem BendLime Kiln Road, Tailem Bend

A former chicken processing facility, Simcock Commercial purchased this property in 2011 and subsequently subdivided the industrial land.

Creating a new allotment, this property now houses short term storage solutions and also features a large 1100m2 industrial shed.

Lime Kiln Road Sheds



Coorong property development experience Railway Terrace Shops, Tailem Bend

Purchased in 2013, Simcock Commercial has progressively renovated, and created, seven commercial tenancies from a building with a 100 year history.

Home to the Simcock Commercial laundry, Easy Wash, this property takes advantage of the Railway Terrace amenities and views.

Railway Terrace Shops



Coorong property development Coolibah Estate

Located on the Princes Highway, Tailem Bend, this 72 ha property has been recently purchased and will be redeveloped as a new tourism accommodation and facilities project.

With more than 1.10km of uninterrupted riverfront, this property is ideally suited for houseboat mooring and on river accommodation on the River Murray.

Coolibah Estate