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Property Management

Property Management Solutions

Coorong Realty is a property management agency with a difference.  We provide a variety of property management solutions to property owners who are dissatisfied with low rents and slack property managers.

Property Management by Coorong Realty includes cleaning and linen servicesCoorong Realty’s total property management solution is a new way of looking after your property that provides safe, secure and profitable returns unlike traditional property management.

Property Managment in the Coorong, Tailem Bend, Meningie, Coonalpyn

Our property management solution gives you peace of mind with weekly inspection of your property, quality tenants and double market returns.

At Coorong Realty we take care of your commercial, holiday and domestic property assets, like it is our own.

Our Property Management team is made up of:

Property Manager Tailem Bend Sam HicksSam Hicks, Property Solutions Manager

Sam has returned to the Coorong Realty family after a short stint in the building and decorating industry.

Sam brings with her a solid marketing, research and business development background having worked in consulting for nearly 15 years.

Sam’s passion is re-purposing property to suit contemporary needs.  Sam can support you with strong, contemporary advice about interior design to get the maximum bang for your buck.


Sarah Shepherd, Property Solutions Manager

Sarah is our gun Property Manager and she is responsible for our workforce and holiday homes.

Sarah is a licensed real estate agent and she leads our cleaning services team with an eye for detail and care like the property is her own.

Sarah has big plans for her own property portfolio and she respects yours with her hands on approach managing your property.



Serviced Workforce Accommodation

Property management of serviced workforce accommodation

Serviced workforce accommodation property management by Coorong Realty at Tailem Bend

At Coorong Realty, our flagship property management service is our serviced workforce properties.

At Coorong Realty we set up, maintain and property manage a portfolio of fully furnished, serviced properties in Tailem Bend, Wellington East, Coonalpyn, KiKi and Meningie for workforce/construction clientele.

Our properties are carefully selected and of a high standard.

All workforce accommodation properties are cleaned weekly, receive a full linen changeover service, and have their gardens maintained.

In short, our workforce accommodation properties are homes away from home.

Serviced accommodation Tailem Bend and property management

High standard accommodation for workforce and construction teams managed by Coorong Realty property management

Our Coorong Realty total property management solution is a full suite service including:

  • Set up of workforce accommodation
  • Accommodation booking service
  • Team coordination and changeover
  • Tenant support
  • Cleaning
  • Linen changeover
  • Styling advice
  • Inventory management
  • Repairs and maintenance
Property Management includes serviced workforce accommodation at Tailem Bend

Fully maintained (cleaned, linen service and gardens) property management service by Coorong Realty, Tailem Bend

Holiday Rental Property Management

At Coorong Realty we also manage a portfolio of high end holiday rentals in Tailem Bend, Wellington, Meningie and on the Coorong.

Again, we deliver fully furnished, fully serviced properties and provide a total property management solution.

Our portfolio also includes a range of large group accommodation facilities, including motels/backpackers/multi dwelling properties.

As part of our high end, holiday rental total property management solution, Coorong Realty coordinates and delivers property cleaning & linen changeover services to our properties.

Coorong Property Management Holiday Rentals

Quality Holiday Rentals in The Coorong, Tailem Bend, Wellington East

Our Coorong Realty Holiday Rental property management solution is a full suite service including:

  • Marketing of Holiday Rentals
  • Set up of holiday rental accommodation
  • Accommodation booking service
  • Guest coordination and changeover
  • Guest support
  • Cleaning
  • Linen changeover
  • Styling advice
  • Inventory management
  • Repairs and maintenance


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