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Property Sales

COORONG REALTY – Property Seller/Buyers Agent

 If you are Selling Real Estate

Coorong Realty is a real estate agent for people who know that there is a better and smarter way to sell their property.

Coorong Realty is a property seller/buyers agent in the Coorong, Tailem Bend, Wellington, Meningie area.

Coorong Realty is real estate sales agent that uses contemporary social marketing techniques that maximise your properties exposure, unlike traditional sales agents.

Our real estate sales techniques get the attention of your target property market, increase your real estate sales chances and delivers the best real estate sales result.

If you are Buying Real Estate you need a Buyers Agent!

Coorong Realty is a real estate agent for property buyers who are frustrated with real estate agents who simply want to push their own list.

Our buyers service is a new way to find your perfect property that will deliver you a smart, safe and profitable long term investment, unlike traditional real estate agents. Our solution gives you confidence that you are making the right choice for your own situation.

At Coorong Realty we are a licensed Sales and Buyers Agent and we work to locate, negotiate and secure property that meets the needs of individual investors.

As a Buyers Agent, we are able to work independently of our sales listing, across multiple territories and with multiple agencies and property specialists. We work with/for developers, investors and landlords creating property solutions.

Coorong Realty - Buyers Agents can find you commercial property in the Coorong region.Our Buyers Agent approach

Our approach is based on a solid understanding of:

  • The property development process and legislation.
  • Real estate purchasing including negotiation, contracts and settlement.
  • Contemporary property leasing and management practice.
  • Business development, strategy, growth and implementation.

This means that you can expect Coorong Realty to:

  • Review properties from a commercial perspective.
  • Cashflow and predict likely investment returns.
  • Research the prospects for growth and consumer trends; and
  • Make sure the numbers stack up!

Benefits of using a Buyers Agent

As a buyers agent, Coorong Realty is a licensed real estate agent, and we will work with you to:

  • Understand your property needs and investment goals
  • Find your perfect property by researching and shortlisting properties.
  • Assess the potential and condition of your property.
  • Negotiate with the sales agent;
  • Navigate the purchase and settlement process.

Most importantly, as a buyers agent, I will:

  • Save you time
  • Negotiate a better price
  • Explore the development potential of a property
  • Find ‘off market’ properties
  • Access and navigate through the network of real estate professionals
  • Protect your privacy
  • Monitor prices and values

Our costs

As a buyers agent, we will work with you to get the right property.  We charge a fixed fee of 1.65% (inc GST) of the anticipated purchase price of your property/properties.

This is a fixed fee, that we establish up front, so that you can be assured that I am working for you without conflict or performance reward.

Call us, you have absolutely nothing to lose.

t: 08 8572 4555
m: 0407 412 857
e: info@coorongrealty.com.au