The Coorong Region

The Coorong is an important part of the Murraylands region, as it takes in the lower Murray River, Lower Lakes and the internationally important Coorong.

Home to the Ngarrindjeri Aboriginal people for many thousands of years prior to European settlement, the Coorong provides visitors and residents with an abundant waterside playground.

Tourism plays an important part in the Coorong regional economy, however, critical infrastructure like signage and additional facilities will improve tourist access and amenity while travelling and staying in the region.

Predominately an agricultural region, the Coorong is home to a diverse range of agribusiness including dairying, beef cattle and sheep production, fishing and intensive animal raising.

Property to invest in the CoorongChanging economic structure

The 2000 drought had a major impact on the economic and social structure of the Coorong region.

Large parts of the Coorong community have taken more than a decade to recover form the dryland drought and the enforced water restrictions during the early 2000’s.

However, the Coorong community has changed, and the advent of the SA Motorsport Park at Tailem Bend and business diversification in the Meningie, Coonalpyn and Tintinara communities has improved the prospects for the region.

Increasing intensive animal production, crop diversification on the Narrung Peninsula and beef cattle production across the region are contributing to a changed landscape.

Tourism remains an untapped opportunity due to the international recognition of the Coorong waterway and the upcoming attention that the SA Motorsport Park will generate.

Property to invest in the CoorongKey investment hot spots

Important towns in the Coorong Region include:

Tailem Bend – formerly a railway town on the edge of the River Murray, the prospects for Tailem Bend are bright with the recent opening of the SA Motorsport Park, The Bend.

Wellington East – an emerging property investment hot spot, Wellington East offers investors and locals alike loads of choices as a place for holiday rentals, on water and off grid living.

Meningie – a gentle waterside community, Meningie is surrounded by the Lakes, Coorong and Southern Ocean making this the most affordable waterside community in the Coorong.

Coonalpyn – with international attention on the Coonalpyn silo’s thanks to Guido Van Helten, the dynamics of Coonalpyn have changed and this is now an affordable rural destination for families.

Tintinara – the intensification of agriculture in the Tintinara means that this community is rapidly becoming a rural powerhouse.

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