Love an organised cupboard?

Who out there delights in perfectly organised cupboards?  Is anyone a little obsessed with, say, linen cupboard order, like we are? 

Now let me explain – our obsession is borne of necessity and appreciation, because we are property managers, looking after more than 30 holiday houses.  So when we go in with our cleaners to check all is well after guests depart, we need to quickly get the house back in order – cleaned to within an inch of it’s life, and the many beds made to crisp perfection.

Now this is not where you will find Marie Kondo-style perfection.  Linen cupboards in holiday houses work very hard (they get packed and unpacked frequently, by cleaners on a mission).  Which brings me to my main point:  holiday house linen cupboards need to be organised quite differently to regular linen cupboards. We like linen organised in size, and by rooms, and it’s even better if all the linen is the same colour.

So when we come across a property owner who has organised their linen cupboard for us, and we don’t have to rearrange a SINGLE THING, then we are very happy campers (and cleaners).

Now I can appreciate that some people won’t even see the point of this blog, but for those clean freak ‘Tidy Tina’s’ out there, and of course, those who have a holiday property, read on for our top tips for linen cupboard satisfaction (and functionality, of course)…

The number one rule?  Sort your linen out by size.  Life is so much easier this way if you have multiple bed sizes throughout the house.  There is nothing worse than unfolding perfectly folded sheets, only to discover they’re not the size you’re looking for. Total waste of time. And frustrating.

Label it.  On the shelf, use the packets they come in and tape it to the shelf, or use a label machine.  And, mark the sheet tags with the size as well.  Some already have the size printed on the label – kudos for companies that do this.  If they don’t, then find yourself a linen marker and get busy.

Store it in it’s room, not the linen cupboard.  In a holiday house situation, we love a cupboard sorted by rooms.  So quick and easy to find what you want in a hurry – just grab the lot and take it to the room you’re working on.  At home, why not store linen in the actual room it belongs to, and free up the linen cupboard?  The kids can make room in their wardrobe for their linen, and they can’t say they couldn’t find it when they have to change their sheets.

And finally, one for holiday home owners, or just OCD people.  Make all the sheets the same colour (and the quilt covers too if you really want to save on washing time).  Not only does it look so much more thoughtful, styled and coordinated, this will save you washing time, water and expense.  If all the sheets are the same colour, you don’t have to separate them.  If you have your linen washed by a service, this will save you money, as they won’t be running separate loads.

And, whist we’re talking washing, we have learned a strange fact in our commercial laundry – green sheets and towels bleed the most colour.  More than black, or even red.  So avoid green linen if you don’t want to always be separating loads, and replacing faded linen.

So there you have it.  We would love to hear some of your tips for organisation in the home – so please hit us up!  We’d love to publish the best ones.

An entire linen cupboard, devoted to towels and Queen size linen
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