A hidden gem!

Hidden away in sleepy Coonalpyn is a hidden gem that has been lovingly prepared by owners Derek and Jodie.

Derek and Jodie have lived in Coonalpyn for 3 years and during that time have renovated their home on Peake Terrace.

9 Peake Terrace, Coonalpyn

Moving to be closer to their adult children and work, Derek and Jodie are hugely satisfied with their home and their renovation over the last three years.  Derek works in emergency services and Jodie provides admin support to a chiropractor.

‘Our jobs keep us busy, and on the road, so now it’s time for us to make the move closer to work and kids’ explains Jodie.

The renovation project at Peake Terrace was completed at a steady, but determined, pace and Derek said ‘we did a heap of work ourselves, but had great support from a range of local tradespeople’.

One of the hardest things about leaving Coonalpyn will be leaving their garden and the friendly community of Coonalpyn.

9 Peake Terrace, Coonalpyn

‘We are most proud of our garden as we have been able to take if from a very neglected state to something much more attractive and easy care’.

Most importantly, Derek and Jodie will miss the people.  ‘It’s a tight knit group and we will miss the feeling of being a part of a country community’ says Derek. ‘Great times have been had at the pub.’

And, of course, there are the waffles!  Coonalpyn is infamous for it’s roadside waffle stand, with Derek and Jodie’s all time favourite combination being Strawberry, Banana, Nutella, Maple Syrup, Icecream and Icing Sugar.

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