From pocket money to the Adelaide Foodie Scene

The brain child of a 12 year old immigrant, from Belgium, is about to smash the foodie scene in Adelaide.

Simply looking for some pocket money, Chabane Ait-Toutati, convinced Mum and Dad to set up shop in sleepy Coonalpyn and the rest, as they say, is history.

Waffles and Jaffles is about to storm the Adelaide foodie scene with their new food van and their infamous Liege waffles….

A must-stop for foodies travelling the Dukes Highway, just seven years after this unassuming, roadside eatery began in Coonalpyn, as a Sunday pop-up, the Ait-Touati family are taking their sought-after food to Adelaide.

‘We’re going to hit the streets with a food van, in the Adelaide CBD and at festivals and events around the suburbs, and see if people embrace it,’ says owner Claudia Ait-Touati. ‘We’ve come this far, and have decided the time is right to expand into the emerging food van scene in Adelaide.’

The brain child of the Ait-Touati family, Waffles and Jaffles  began with son Chabane needing to save up for a new laptop.  With Dad Rachid, the 12 year old started a Sunday waffle stall in a small building on the side of the highway.

Six short years later, Claudia is at the helm and the business has steadily grown, with longer trading hours, an extended menu, and work on the food van in full swing.

The family, originally from the Netherlands, decided early on that quality ingredients, and authentic recipes from their own culture was going to be their focus, and Claudia believes this is part of their success.

‘Positive social media reviews within the foodie and travel scene have been great for us, and word spread quickly. I think people like the unexpectedness of what we offer, and where we are – the middle of nowhere, according to some people!’ she laughs.

Those same reviews reveal that people keep coming back for three main reasons – amazing food, great value and friendly service with a smile.  And our city cousins can look forward to all three.

People would crawl over broken glass to eat these beauties,’ says one devoted fan, and he may be right.  Crunchy, soft-centered Belgium waffles are topped with a dazzling array of goodies – Adelaide Hills strawberries, double cream, icecream, hot apples, syrups and sauces. 

Sugar not your thing?  Claudia has Aussie jaffle creations like caramelised onion and Gruyere, curried vegetables or pulled pork with red cabbage, and people are loving them. 

Claudia says the best part of her day is meeting her customers and hearing about their travels.  ‘We meet so many different people from Australia and around the world.  Between our family and staff, we speak seven languages, and I’d say we get to practice at least three of them each week on customers.’

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