Tailem Bend and Meningie, South Australia
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Secrets of a bushranger

Did you know the Coorong had its very own bushranger? And, he rode an ostrich in his pursuit of crime! Learn about the adventures of this bandit (and snap a selfie riding his ostrich), when you explore the Pelican Path.  If you’re keen to explore the Coorong on foot, here are five stunning walks. Pelican …

Every good road trip includes food

Local food and produce are a major part of any holiday.  How it’s grown and how best to enjoy it is always a question worth exploring. The Tastes of the Coorong Tour has gone a step better, and will take you straight to the producer, who will love to chat and tell you all about …

Keep the kids busy in the Coorong

‘Are we there yet?’ ………’Are we there yet?’ Seriously? Any parent who has been on a family road trip would be familiar with this annoying noise from the back seat of the car.  Ahhh…the joys of the family road trip.  So to help you out on your next trip through the Coorong, we’ve put together …

Pssst…want to know a secret?

Ever wondered, just what is at the end of that long driveway?  Where is that cute little church on our $50 note?  Why on earth do we need an inland lighthouse? The Coorong is full of unseen and secluded experiences, and these are just a few. We’ve discovered how you can get some answers to …

Tick off the Coorong bucket list this Winter

Feeling restless now the cold weather has set in?  Dreading the upcoming school holidays?  Then pack the family and the car, and get out of the house for a day or a weekend.  The Coorong Winter playground is less than two hours from Adelaide, and there is lots of awesome stuff to see and do …

Are you up for an epic Coorong pub crawl?

Embark on the mother of all pub crawls when you explore these country pubs in the Coorong and Murray River. You will find pubs with views that you just can’t beat, great food and beer, award-winning wine lists and things to amuse the kids.  So take a day trip, or stay a few days and …

How a little red brick wall charmed Amy

Tailem Bend locals can thank a red brick wall for having the best coffee, drinks and desserts in the region. On a whim, Amy Chinsami convinced her husband Neil that an unassuming shopfront in the main street of Tailem Bend was the perfect place for a coffee shop, all because she fell in love with …

Meningie’s best kept secrets

Trevor Rasheed has been the keeper of secrets for more than 30 years. He has seen people come and go in his time as a sales agent in Meningie, and believes the town is once again on the verge of change. And he has seen it before.  ‘In the early 2000’s, before the drought, Meningie …

From pocket money to the Adelaide Foodie Scene

The brain child of a 12 year old immigrant, from Belgium, is about to smash the foodie scene in Adelaide. Simply looking for some pocket money, Chabane Ait-Toutati, convinced Mum and Dad to set up shop in sleepy Coonalpyn and the rest, as they say, is history. Waffles and Jaffles is about to storm the …

The different faces of volunteers

Small communities rely on volunteers and they come in all shapes and sizes. Local Tailem Bend woman Lyn Simcock likes to keep busy, working part time providing finance support to the Coorong Realty and Simcock Commercial teams, helping her husband Bob on the farm, cooking for the masses and volunteering in her local community. Lyn …

Frank stopped for a beer, and bought the pub – again!

For the second time, Frank and Alison Dean are back behind the bar at the Tailem Bend Hotel, enjoying seeing old friends and renovating the main street building. ‘It’s my wife’s fault again, I just wanted a cold beer!’ So what bought them back for a second stint, thirty years after they first owned the …

Turning challenges into opportunities

Glenn Power turned life’s challenges into opportunities, and embraced creativity as a career. ‘I spend my days doing two of my favourite things – wandering around the stunning Coorong taking photos, and chatting to interesting people while I’m at it.’  After years in the corporate world and army, Glenn works with Coorong Realty as a …

Work hard and you can survive anything

‘Just put in a hard day’s work.  Keep doing that and you can survive anything.’ Such is the life philosophy of farmer, community man and former regional Councilor Bob Simcock. Given the many challenges facing rural communities, Bob’s endurance and can-do attitude are a timely reminder of the real meaning of resilience in the country. …

A lifetime love of the Murray

Deb Cox and her husband Roger loved the river so much, they upped stumps and moved from Adelaide. Now, three generations are enjoying the river lifestyle, and their retirement plans are on hold. Deb, who cleans and prepares Coorong Realty holiday houses for guests, fell in love with the Murray River when she and Roger …

Farming for the future

Jason and his wife Penny are farming for the future, at their sheep and beef farm at Field, east of Meningie. The Schulz’s live and work at ‘Coolaroo’ – the original family farm, owned and operated by Jason’s parents.  Jason grew up on the farm, and was thrust into farming at a young age, after …

Property styling is Sam’s happy place.

Property Solutions Manager, Sam Hicks, discovered decorating early in life. She loves to help with styling, and working out the best use of space for clients.

Luke is pumped with his first investment

An investor at 19! Luke Medlow has achieved stage one of his property dream and he’s not about to stop anytime soon.

A Coorong Love Story

Celia Kernick came to the Coorong for love, when she met her husband, Neville twenty years ago, and then promptly fell in love with the region as well.

Community drives Adam!

The newest member of the Coorong Realty team, Adam Hurle, is an enthusiastic volunteer in his home town of Meningie.

A small community making a BIG difference!

This small community is changing how we approach dementia care. Careship Coorong is a care farm providing people living with disabilities and dementia with a holistic alternative to traditional care.

New Beginning for Coorong Realty Dynamo

Coorong Realty’s Nicki Fegen has embraced a new life in Australia and a new career in property marketing.

Revolutionising dairy!

In 2017, Brad & Karin Fischer revolutionised the way that they produce milk when they installed a 10,100m2 barn to house their 600 head of milkers.

Coorong Realty Kerry Swan

How to live life your way!

Kerry Swan is a gamechanger. She thinks outside the box and works to make change happen. This is her story.

Meningies Cheese Factory Restaurant for Sale

Meningie – Open for Business

Proud local identities, Jo Schulz and Tony Turner, have invested in the Meningie region and are here for the long haul.

Growing a range of options

Robert and Anne are choosing to focus on cereal production and contract work, which means that their growing sheds are now up for lease!

Master Juggler

Local juggler, and master story teller, Kelly Kuhn has proven that life is simply a juggling act and nothing but fun!

A slice of Italy

Renowned market gardeners, Don and Kathy Ruggerio, of Swanport Harvest fame are selling their eclectic family home to prepare for their transition to retirement.

Coorong Wild Seafood

Every day is like an adventure!

As a boy from the suburbs of Melbourne, Glen Hill of Coorong Wild Seafood, Meningie, was lured to the pleasure of recreational fishing from a young age, but never thought it would lead him to where he is today.

Lake Albert Caravan Park Meningie

A community in the park

The Lake Albert Caravan Park is home to living legends Jacqui Grant and Troy Fynnaart who are community minded personalities that believe tourism is vital to the success of Meningie and the Coorong.

A hidden gem!

Hidden away in sleepy Coonalpyn is a hidden gem that has been lovingly prepared by owners Derek and Jodie.

SOLD 80 Princes Highway Meningie

Sea Change!

Rick and Monica, from Adelaide, have long been fans of the Coorong lifestyle.Spending most weekends at their shack at Parnka Point, this adventurous duo have their eye on the horizon and a move to semi-retirement.

Tailem Bend Gun Alley

From gangsta’s to a property boom!

Tailem’s infamous Gun Alley is quickly transforming from its legendary ‘gangsta’ status, where tough railway men and the Connolly clan of fifteen roamed, to a more refined lane of property investors.

Property Tailem Bend

Thinking outside of the box!

With the opening of The Bend (SA Motorsport Park) in 2018, and its maiden Super Bikes event in April and the inaugural V8 Super Cars race in August, Tailem Bend is buzzing like never before.

Community Centre Tailem Bend

Securing the future!

With the ever-changing landscape of government funding, the Tailem Bend Community Centre looks to invest in regional property to safeguard its delivery of services.

Investment faith rewarded!

With the need for workforce and holiday/event accommodation growing, investors Rick and Ngaire Newlyn of Adelaide saw a great opportunity.

Newsagency Tailem Bend

Customer centered and community focused!

When deli owner, Jeff Hughes saw an opportunity to buy the newsagency next door in 1943 he knew what great customer service was all about – being a friend.

Meningie property for Homestay

Pelican Perch Retreat

In their spare time, between making Stone Rollers, Ki Ki Engineering owners Mary and Laurens Verhees, built Pelican Perch Retreat for their retirement.

Property Tailem Bend

Schools and Beyond!

Founded in 1993, the Murray River North Group calls Tailem Bend home as it builds seven buildings for the Meningie Primary School with more projects looming on the horizon.

A piece of paradise!

Growing up across the lake at the Van Den Brink Farm, Margy Gambling of Meningie daydreamed about what was beyond the gates of Jury Road Orchard – not knowing that her husband’s love of single piston motors would bring her home establishing a peaceful resort on the shores of Lake Albert.

Wellington holiday rental accommodation

Investment in Family

Finding an investment his whole family can enjoy, Tradie, Daniel Novotny of Precise Plaster, Hallett Cove, joins the ever-growing number of investors looking to the Coorong for lifestyle and higher than average financial returns.

A labour of love

With the opening of Anna and Bruno Bellon’s The Races comes three much needed high-end holiday/workforce rentals to Murray Bridge and the ever- growing Coorong, Lower Lakes and River Murray region.

Wellington invest in property

Living off grid!

Positioning his base camp at Wellington East, retired policeman, Matt Baillie of Bankstown NSW, lives off the grid pursuing his passions of motorcycle racing and more importantly, spending time with his young son, Don.

Tailem Bend Group Accommodation

From Railway Gangs to Motorsport Luxury

Identified as the ‘Barracks’ for well over fifty years, John Scott’s ground-breaking facelift of Tailem Bend’s Railway Barracks is finally ready to meet the ever-growing accommodation needs of the region.

Investor in Meningie

Invested in the Coorong

After five years of owning his own restaurant, Sandeep Tati owner of the Meningie Cheese Factory Restaurant is moving on, leaving a strong Coorong property portfolio for his family’s future.

Wellington East Land for Sale

5 Reasons to Invest in Wellington East!

Wellington East is an investment hot spot, and here are 5 reasons why..

Property in Meningie

5 Reasons to Invest in Meningie!

We are completely biased, and proud locals, but we think that Meningie is an emerging investment hot spot.

Meningie Business for Sale

Pitstop in Life

After an absence from her hometown, Peta Williams left Geelong for a pit stop in Meningie to be with family, life long friends and refuel – while making some necessary adjustments and a much needed driver change.

Carbon Neutral Coorong Cabins

Carbon Neutral Cabins

Not only do the Coorong Cabins look good, feel good, but they are kind to the environment!

A pit stop at the Masonic Hall for Accommodation

After all their hard work creating the Tailem Takeaway and Pizza, Karen and Michael are ready for a new challenge.