Coorong farmers leading the way

Can you imagine being a farmer, with your entire livelihood dependent on the Weather Gods?  It’s not for the faint-hearted, that’s for sure.

So how do they survive, let alone prosper, when so much is out of their control?  Coorong farmers are innovative (and a little bit brave!), and they think outside the box, which has enabled them to thrive, in the driest state on the driest continent on earth.

You can experience the diversity of the Coorong’s agricultural enterprises, from sheep and cattle, to cropping and seed production.  Coorong Tours has put together all the ingredients for a great experience, on a Farming the Coorong Tour, where you can meet innovative producers who live, breathe, work, play and eat in the Coorong.

This behind-the-scenes, tag-a-long tour begins at the Lake Albert Caravan Park and all you need to bring is your curiosity, your friends and your car. Tag-a-long means you will be in your own vehicle for the tour, led by a local tour guide who is passionate and knowledgeable about the region. 

First stop is a modern irrigation and seed production farm, on the stunning Narrung Peninsula.  You will see seed production in action, in this case, carrot seed, and mustard seeds for export to China. This mixed farm is big on sustainable practice, and they aren’t afraid to experiment with different crops that are not widely grown in Australia. True innovation in the Coorong.

Further inland, the Raven stud is a mixed sheep and cattle breeding operation, where Limousin and Limflex bulls are bred for other beef farmers.  Having embraced technology as part of their growth strategy, they sell genetics across Australia, and overseas. This promises to be an authentic experience where you will learn about the skills required for managing livestock and pastures.

The final farm visit is to ‘Rangefield’, next door to the Mount Boothby National Park, where you will see the Dohne breed of sheep.  They have been selected for their dual purpose, producing both first class wool, and also prime quality lamb.  Visitors will discover where their food comes from, and the higher quality of animals that thrive in a loving, well cared for environment.

And, because the Coorong is all about great food and produce, the tour includes lunch at the Coorong Brewing Company, where you can enjoy stunning views of Lake Albert.

Your tour guide knows what makes a great photo, and throughout the tour, will take you to some incredible stops where you can snap away at amazing water views – Noonameena on the lagoons, Long Point and Meningie on Lake Albert.

Farming the Coorong takes you beyond the farm gate, to show you what farmers in the Coorong can do with some ingenuity, hope and innovation.

To be inspired on the Farming the Coorong tour, download a brochure below, or go to the Coorong Tours website.

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