Every good road trip includes food

Local food and produce are a major part of any holiday.  How it’s grown and how best to enjoy it is always a question worth exploring.

The Tastes of the Coorong Tour has gone a step better, and will take you straight to the producer, who will love to chat and tell you all about their produce!

It’s often said that farming is a profession of hope and innovation, and that’s what you will discover when you visit these specialist producers who live, breathe, work, play and eat in the Coorong.

So, get your friends together to discover and taste the clean, green produce of the Coorong.

This behind-the-scenes, tag-a-long tour begins at the Lake Albert Caravan Park and all you need to bring is your tastebuds, your friends and your car. Tag-a-long means you will be in your own vehicle for the tour, rather than wedged on a bus with strangers. 

tastes of the coorong longridge olives

The tour begins with a visit to Longridge Olives at Coonalpyn, a family business with a whopping 87,000 olive trees to look after!  The whole clan are involved, and they are passionate about what they do.  You will learn about olive varieties, sustainable growing, harvest, processing, and of course, blending.  We had no idea how complicated it is – the tastings process is a highlight.

tastes of the coorong coonalpyn snail farm

The next stop is definitely a little bit different – a snail farm!  But Snail Farm Careship Coorong is a farm with a social conscience, because not only does it produce free-range snails for leading restaurants, it also provides social care for people living with dementia or social isolation.  This European inspired model of social care is inspirational and provides opportunities for those with social care needs to volunteer as farm helpers and have some fun.  Animal therapy with snails – we love it!

No visit to Coonalpyn is complete without a stop at Waffles and Jaffles, and we promise you will be a convert like so many other devotees, of this tiny hole-in-the-wall gem.  Authentic Liege waffles are topped with a dazzling array of goodies, and if sugar isn’t your thing, then try the Aussie jaffle creations like caramelised onion and Gruyere, or pulled pork with red cabbage. And best of all, you can sit and indulge while admiring the epic artwork of the Coonalpyn silos.

The final foodie stop is Coorong Wild Seafood in Meningie, where you can sample the best seafood the Coorong and Lakes has on offer, including the famous Coorong Mullet.  Fishers Glen and Tracy are passionate about the unique Coorong ecosystem, where they sustainably catch both saltwater and freshwater species.  At the seafood cellar door you will learn about sustainable harvesting in this delicate environment, see processing demonstrations and can even have a go at filleting yourself. A heads-up – the knives are SHARP.

Tastes of the Coorong introduces you to producers and experiences that you might not find on your own, and gives an authentic insight into just where your food comes from. And we reckon every trip should involve great food.

To find out more about the Tastes of the Coorong tour, download a brochure below, or go to the Coorong Tours website.

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