Five Most Instagrammable Spots in the Coorong

It’s no secret the River, Lakes and Coorong is one of the most stunning regions in South Australia.  Its rapid growth in popularity with interstate and international visitors is because of the endless natural beauty and wildlife, which they can immerse themselves in.

Did you know that the Coorong is one of Australia’s most important wetland areas, covering a whopping 140,500 hectares? That’s a whole lot of visual splendor to snap!

In the spirit of helping visitors out, we’ve narrowed it down a bit and picked five most Instagram-worthy spots in the Coorong.

raukkan lookout

Hands down, this was the ultimate pick of our entire team.  EPIC doesn’t do it justice.  The elevated views of the Coorong, Murray Mouth and Lake Alexandrina will leave you wondering how you didn’t know about it.  It resembles an inland sea, less than two hours from Adelaide, and is the only spot where you can see how the entire Coorong eco-system fits together. It is truly spiritual to the local Ngarrindjeri people and you can’t help but feel it.  If you do one thing in the Coorong, THIS IS IT.

long point

A scenic drive through the Narrung Peninsula will yield endless photos, but will also lead you off the beaten track to Long Point.  Wander down to the jetty, and behold the majestic site of lagoons, pelicans and towering sandunes.  Beautiful on a windy day, but truly stunning at sunset on a still day.

lake albert meningie

Not only are there hours of amusement to be had in this park for adults and kids alike, but there is Lake Albert.  Again, sunset over the lake is worth hanging around for.  While you wait for it, take a walk along the foreshore and swing your leg over the ostrich statue (complete with saddle) for a great Insta shot.  There’s a cool story there to discover – it involves a bushranger who rode an ostrich!  Yes, we are serious.

sand dunes and beaches

Not for the fainthearted, this is where dedicated fishers and 4WDrivers love to test their skills.  The stretch of sandhills all along the Coorong lines one of the most rugged and stunning beaches in the country, that literally stretches for miles.  You have to know what you’re doing, and always watch the weather reports, as many a 4WD has been lost to the ocean, but if you can, then it’s absolutely worth the effort. The Coorong at its elemental best.

When in Storm Boy country, you’ll want to snap a shot of our famous Pelicans, and they are just about everywhere around the river and lakes.  For you best chance to actually get a selfie with one, hang around the shore and jetty on Lake Albert in Meningie.  These huge and funny birds are full of character and people are often surprised at just how big they can get.

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