Pssst…want to know a secret?

Ever wondered, just what is at the end of that long driveway?  Where is that cute little church on our $50 note?  Why on earth do we need an inland lighthouse?

The Coorong is full of unseen and secluded experiences, and these are just a few.

We’ve discovered how you can get some answers to these mysteries, and do a little sticky-beaking down some previously unvisited driveways.

Get yourself and some friends together, and get on board for a personalised, behind-the-scenes look at the Coorong’s best kept secrets.

The Secrets of the Coorong Tour is a little bit different, and will take you to places that are not easily accessed by the average visitor.  Venture behind the farm gate, to take a look at these hidden gems of the Coorong, and meet some locals, up close and personal.

This behind-the-scenes, tag-a-long tour begins at the Lake Albert Caravan Park and all you need to bring is your curiosity, your friends and your car. Tag-a-long means you will be in your own vehicle for the tour, which we reckon is far more comfortable than being wedged on a bus with strangers. 

First up, your local tour guide will lead you on a visit to an intensive dairy farm and barn (the barn is a whopping 10,100m2 – the locals all joke that you can see it from the moon).  Here, you will get to know what large-scale, modern dairy farming entails, and the importance of happy, sheltered cows.  And, as a bonus, you’ll also get to make friends with some doe-eyed little calves.

Following a scenic drive through the Narrung Peninsula, you will visit the secluded Raukkan Aboriginal community.  Prepare for jaw-dropping lookout views of Lakes Alexandrina and Albert and the Coorong.  This beautiful community is also the home of famous preacher, inventor and author, David Unaipon. Both he, and the Raukkan church appear on Australia’s $50 note. This visit is a fascinating insight into Ngarrindjeri country, people and culture.

Next is the Point Malcolm Lighthouse – the only inland lighthouse in the Southern Hemisphere.  And when you see the vastness and scale of the lakes, and the very narrow channel between them, you will understand why it was built.

This tour is big on extra photo stops and selfie opportunities, with visits to the Coorong lagoons at Noonameena, and lookouts throughout the region.  Everywhere you go, the scenery is breathtaking. Who knew the Coorong region had such big hills?

So, the verdict? There’s a lot to like about this tour with a difference.  The guides are local people who are passionate and knowledgeable about the region, and they’re fun and enthusiastic.  Lunch at the new Coorong Brewing Company, on the edge of Lake Albert, is a great place for a relaxing drink and meal.  And the destinations are different and interesting – this is definitely not your usual tourist tour.

To find out more about the Secrets of the Coorong Tour, download a brochure below, or go to the Coorong Tours website.

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