Tailem Bend and Meningie, South Australia
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Ngarrindjeri Culture


About David Unaipon the famous inventor who is featured on our $50 note

About the symbolic references on the Ngarrindjeri flag

Ngarrindjeri connection to country


Sit amongst the pews in historic Raukkan Church

Explore Ngarrindjeri culture in the local museum

Relax and meet the locals


360 degree views of Ngarrindjeri country

The Church printed on our Australian $50 note

The rich collection of Ngarrindjeri artefacts

Explore the Ngarrindjeri nation’s 
cultural home at Raukkan

Raukkan, the former Point McLeay Aboriginal Mission, is also home to David Unaipon, who designed the shearing hand piece that features on the Australian $50 note.  Explore Raukkan, with a local guide, and have your photo taken at the Raukkan Church.

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