Tailem Bend and Meningie, South Australia
08 8572 4555

Wild Catch Fishing


About the Coorong National Park eco-system

About low impact fishing methods

Harvesting of fish, on water


The famous Yelloweyed Mullet

Seafood being processed 

An authentic commercial fishing operation


Fillet a fish 

Taste fresh fish, direct from the Coorong

Immerse yourself in the Interpretive Centre

Meet the fishermen who know the
Coorong back to front and taste the difference

Glen and Tracy run and manage a wild catch fishing and processing business in Meningie.  At their seafood cellar door you will learn how important the Coorong eco-system is to Australia.  A behind the scenes factory tour will give you some filleting tips and taste of premium, fresh caught, Coorong Mullet.

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