Every day is like an adventure!

Coorong Wild Seafood

Coorong Wild Seafood

As a boy from the suburbs of Melbourne, Glen Hill of Coorong Wild Seafood, Meningie, was lured to the pleasure of recreational fishing from a young age, but never thought it would lead him to where he is today.

It took one commercial fishing trip and he was hooked!

“I thought, geez I could do this and that was it,” said Glen. “You know, looking back, I should have realised I was destined to be a fisherman.”

Single, with very little income and wanting to become a commercial fisherman, with no experience, Glen found it near on impossible to secure a bank loan, that’s until he noticed Tracy Hill (nee Blake) from his local State Emergency Service (SES) behind the counter at his local Bank.Coorong Wild Seafood

“Glen just sauntered in and said, any chance of loan? As the Relieving Manager at the time, I only had the delegated authority to approve bankcards to the value of $1,000 – so that’s what he got,” said Tracy.

With a $1,000 float and a much-needed weekly cheque from SAFCOL, Coorong Wild Seafood was born – and within twelve months Glen’s SES mate became his wife.

Falling out of his boat three times in the first two weeks, Glen knew things had to improve.

“We were getting about 30 cents per kilo back in the day, but if we filleted our mullet, we would get more like $2.40 per kilo – so we started to process our fish,” said Glen. “I can’t think of anything better to do. After a few morning coffees, I’m off! I recall smashing through some waves the other morning and thinking that every day is like a little adventure – you really have no idea what the day has in store for you.”

Coorong Wild Seafood prides itself on offering the best seafood the Coorong and Lakes can offer – the variety of saltwater and freshwater species they showcase, reflects the unique ecosystem they carefully harvest from.

“Glen and I really enjoy sharing our passion with visitors to our seafood cellar door,” said Tracy. “We offer delicious fresh tastings daily, and always have fresh, frozen and smoked fish and seafood for purchase – we even offer simple cooking classes and a filleting demonstration.”

Coorong Wild SeafoodGlen, Coorong Wild Seafood’s mad, passionate fisherman, truly enjoys sharing the wilderness of the Coorong and the Lakes – whether it’s a self-drive or coach tour, you can always expect the unexpected.

Coorong Wild Seafood, 10 Yumali Rd, Meningie SA 5264.

Phone:  0427 604 047.

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