A community in the park

Lake Albert Caravan Park Meningie

The Lake Albert Caravan Park is home to living legends Jacqui Grant and Troy Fynnaart who are community minded personalities that believe tourism is vital to the success of Meningie and the Coorong.

The self-motivated business partners met some years ago at the Glenelg Football Club, Adelaide.  At that time, Troy had been working for 12 years at Mitsubishi Motors with Jacqui’s late husband Tony (a 40 year employee) who lost his battle with cancer in 2010.

“I had to do something and I remembered fondly, all the family Caravan holidays we had, we’ve always owed a Caravan – it was a great lifestyle,” Jacqui said. “Tony, like Troy, found themselves retrenched – Tony was the last to leave Mitsubishi and Troy could not find any permanent work, and that’s why we’ve got this place.”

Most importantly, Jacqui and Troy are committed to fostering a community atmosphere for both travellers and locals alike and they do this through a range of creative events.

“We’ve recently hosted a classic Vintage Caravan Weekend, a fabulous Melbourne Cup and we’re planning a massive New Year’s Eve show with live music,” Jacqui said.

Caravan Park Meningie

Jacqui and Troy also recently installed an enormous television for their regular movie and live entertainment nights.

Caravan Park Meningie

“We love seeing the locals coming to the park, Meningie is such a great place to live – we didn’t know what to expect when we came from Adelaide, we didn’t know anyone and we came into town ‘cold turkey’.”

Both are now emotionally and commercially invested in the region, Troy owns the popular Blue House Holiday Home in Meningie and Jacqui owns a beautiful block of land in Milang.

“I was always going to build my dream holiday home at Milang, but I’ve got my old kombi and I think I’ll just sell the block and buy another caravan park,” laughed Jacqui.

Leasing the park from the Coorong District Council on a peppercorn lease agreement, the dynamic duo find themselves looking to the future and retirement.

“I don’t have a strict business plan and you can really relax in this business as long as you can multi task – I love meeting people and I need to keep working a bit longer yet,” Jacqui said.

Caravan Park Meningie

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