A Coorong Love Story

Celia Kernick came to the Coorong for love, when she met her husband, Neville twenty years ago, and then promptly fell in love with the region as well.  

A city girl born and bred, Celia has thrived and is proud to live and work in the Coorong. 

Twenty years after moving to the Coorong, she is still in love with the region and it’s landscape.  ‘Some mornings I wake up, 30 kilometres inland, and I can smell the ocean, and hear the waves crashing. It’s special.’

Celia’s passion for the region doesn’t stop there.  ‘Across the Coorong, there is every type of farming you can imagine, bees, dairying, beef, wine, seeds, goats, lamb and fish’

Celia and Neville are part of the Coorong diversity, breeding Dohne sheep at ‘Rangefield’, a large holding next door to the Mount Boothby National Park. This breed of sheep have a dual purpose, producing first class wool, and also prime quality lamb, both of which are a focus for the Kernick’s. 

Day to day, Neville looks after the property and Celia takes charge of the livestock.  And, together, they are looking forward to showing guests their shearing shed and breeding ewes.

Celia with her breeding ewes

‘We are looking forward to showing people where their food comes from, and how it’s done in a humane manner.  We love that we can show people our animals, who are thriving in a loving, well cared for environment.’

So what will visitors see when they visit with Coorong Tours?  ‘We’re keen to showcase what we do in our region, because we are really passionate about how we farm.   It’s all about best practice for us’ explains Celia.

Farming is a challenging business, and Celia says that  for her, it has been an enormous learning curve.  ‘I’m fortunate to have had great teachers in my husband and father in law.  And our friends and community have also been incredibly supportive.’

But for now, the Kernick’s focus is on the future ‘we are very invested in the Coorong, and intend to continue to grow our business.’

And, what does Celia love the most about the Coorong?  ‘It is really just beautiful, wherever you go and the people are amazing’.

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