Farming for the future

Jason and his wife Penny are farming for the future, at their sheep and beef farm at Field, east of Meningie.

The Schulz’s live and work at ‘Coolaroo’ – the original family farm, owned and operated by Jason’s parents. 

Jason grew up on the farm, and was thrust into farming at a young age, after his father passed away when Jason was just 17.

‘When Dad passed, Mum, Joanne, was a huge support and she remains an active member of our farm business’ says Jason.

These days, Jason and Penny have expanded the total operation to around 900 hectares and diversified into beef cattle. They are passionate about what they do, the future and the region.


The unique Coorong climate provides a healthy environment to raise stock, and they manage 800 breeding ewes and 120 stud registered breeding cows within their Raven Limousin and Limflex operation.  Jason and Penny breed bulls for other beef farmers and sell genetics across Australia and overseas to New Zealand, South Africa, Canada & Indonesia.

The Schulz’s have embraced  technology as part of their growth strategy, and are focused on looking after their land and livestock.  ‘The more we look after our stock and the healthier they are, the more they give back.  We’re keen to pass on this focus to the next generation.’

And the Schulz’s are excited to share their love of farming and the Coorong in partnership with Coorong Tours.

Jason promises an authentic and real experience for Coorong Tours guests, who will learn about the many and varied skills required to  manage livestock and pastures.  ‘We want to open the gate, so to speak, and invite visitors to immerse themselves in the farm whilst they’re here.’

Jason is keen to share his family’s passion and knowledge. ‘Farmers do a great job looking after their land and livestock – it’s their primary focus, but they don’t always do a good job of sharing that information.  Penny and I are excited to be able to bridge the gap with our city cousins and share a little of what we do.’

With the farm, just 20 minutes from Lake Albert, the Coorong and the Southern Ocean summertime, is special for locals and tourists alike.   ‘We love to jump in the 4WD and within 40 minutes we’re at the beach.  We paddleboard on the lake with the kids, and the sporting clubs are the social hub of our community.’

‘We’re just two hours to Adelaide, one hour to the Langhorne Creek wine region and in the centre of the spectacular Coorong.  We have the best of both worlds – a true country lifestyle, but all the facilities we need for our young family.’

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