Master Juggler

Local juggler, and master story teller, Kelly Kuhn has proven that life is simply a juggling act and nothing but fun!

A mother of two, entrepreneur, community spokesperson, wife, sister and all round Super Star, Kel has embarked on her latest challenge, Juggle House Experiences.

Now if this might sound like a bit of a mouthful, and just too much juggling, listen up because this is where it gets interesting.

Kel started out life as a farmer’s daughter and together with her two sisters, Kel had the kinda childhood that dreams are made of.

‘I grew up on the family wheat and sheep farm, north of Mannum’ explains Kel.  ‘This experience set me up with a great appreciation of all things Australian, including our mighty Murray and wide outback spaces’.

Later Kel moved onto work and life where she spent more than twenty (20) years working across the South Australian tourism industry.

But, the best was yet to come.  In 2018, Kel took those experiences and jumped ship and created ‘Juggle House Experiences’, a boutique tour company specialising in small group, guided tours.

‘I just love people and tourism, so hosting a group of up to 11 people in our Entertainer Limo, is just about my perfect job.  I get to talk all day and showcase just how special South Australia really is’ laughs Kel.

Most importantly, Kel has clearly identified her niche.  And, this is probably where her tourism and country background comes in handy. 

‘In another life, I worked with the good folks from Big Bend By Night, hosting international guests from PS Murray Princess on customised day trips’ she explains.

‘I have taken what I learnt from those days and crafted a range of tours that explore the best of South Australia’. 

The arrival of The Bend Motorsport Park, at Tailem Bend, has also provided the impetus for Kel to target more international guests. 

‘People will be arriving from all over the world, especially for the upcoming International Motofest in April and later the Asian Le Mans in January 2020.  And, while they are here they will want to explore the best we have to offer’.

Kel, of course, offers larger group tours, but she knows that there is nothing like tourism done with a local.  ‘Our small group tours mean that I can give guests one:one attention and answer all the questions and give the behind the scenes tour’.

Moving forward, Kel also looks forward to partnering with Coorong Realty when they launch their localised ‘Coorong Tours’ which will showcase the best of the Coorong producers.  ‘How much fun will it be to showcase ‘Storm Boy’ country’ grins Kel.

More information about Juggle House Experiences can be found at Kel’s website or by contacting Coorong Realty on 08 8572 4555.

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