Revolutionising dairy!

In 2017, Brad & Karin Fischer revolutionised the way that they produce milk when they installed a 10,100m2 barn to house their 600 head of milkers.

And, while locals joke that you can see the barn from moon, this strategic investment is paying real dividends for the Fischers. 

Living in the barn year round, this intensive housing model produces 9 million litres of milk per annum.  ‘Like humans or other animals, milking cows like to be comfortable’ says Brad.  ‘When it’s hot, the cows like to be in the shade and equally when it is cold or windy, the cows also like the shelter’.

Comfortable cows mean an overall increase in milk production.  As Brad explains, ‘the facility is built for 600 cows which allows us to focus on optimal milk productionBecause a happy healthy cow produces good quality milk’.

Brad Fischer talks about his herd of 600 cows

Based on a continuous, year round, production model, Brad explains that 600 head is just about perfect.  ‘With 600 milkers rotating through production, rest and calving, we are able to maintain a close relationship with all of our cows and their welfare’.

Happy cow’s mean better production

The gentle cool climate of the Narrung Peninsula is not only perfect for cows, but for the Fischers who live work and play in the region.

The Fischer Dairy is surrounded by internationally recognised waters, namely the saltwater Coorong Lagoon, the Southern Ocean and the freshwater Lake Albert.

Says Brad ‘if you love water sports, then the Coorong is the place to be.  We can fish, sail and even water ski on the Lake’.

The Coorong

The Fischer Dairy and Barn are one of key stops on the newly launched Coorong Tours.

Coorong Tours are designed for groups and are farm gate based.  Meaning, you and your mates can experience a behind the scenes look at the Fischer Dairy.  And, with milking three times a day, you can expect to see dairy cows up close and personal during the tour and there will be time for a chat with Brad, Karin or one of their team.

More information about Coorong Tours can be found at: or by calling our Tour Manager, Adam Hurle on 0439 545 193.

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