A labour of love

A labour of love!

Holiday Accommodation

With the opening of Anna and Bruno Bellon’s The Races comes three much needed high-end holiday/workforce rentals to Murray Bridge and the ever- growing Coorong, Lower Lakes and River Murray region.

Both originally from Tailem Bend, the brother and sister duo continue to grow their South Australian Real Estate portfolios as regional growth forecasts continue to be met in the region.

50/50 partners in The Races, Anna’s recent venture into Holiday Rental with Brocks Base, Wellington East, continues to provide confidence in her family’s most recent investment – this time in Murray Bridge.

“My brother Bruno has a number of property investments in Adelaide’s Eastern Suburbs, but this is his first joint investment outside of Adelaide,” Anna said. “Originally Bruno was the main mover and shaker on The Races, but it was left to me to project manage and see it through to the end of development – brothers!”

Both feeling that Murray Bridge Real Estate was still affordable, the opportunity was too good to pass by.

“We see a bright, and most importantly, secure future for Murray Bridge Region, which has the Market Place Shopping Centre, Ingham Enterprise, Big River Pork and Costa Adelaide Mushrooms expansions, Solar Farm developments, The Bend Motorsport Park, the Greyhound Racing project, the Bridgeport Hotel re-development, not forgetting the ever-growing Speedway, Golf and Horse Racing facilities – when you combine all of these with a constant predictable population growth, the area looks very rosy in deed.”

Situated on three separate Torrens Titles The Races, brings to Anna, an additional three Holiday Rentals to her accommodation investment stable.

“It has been a lot of work, but it’s so good to see the finished product – it’s very satisfying,” Anna said. “The learning curve has been enormous, especially all the logistics of such a big project, I would have been lost without Baden Construction – they made life bearable, they did so much to help.”

On site every day, Anna said that if she had the money, she would do it again.

“It’s been a real buzz watching it grow – I think it’s been like giving birth to triplets,” Anna said. “They say you forget the pain after birth.”

With all three homes now booked out on a permanent Workforce Agreement with Tailem Bend Solar Farm contractors, Anna looks forward to their future use a group accommodation complex.

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