Schools and Beyond!

Property Tailem Bend

Founded in 1993, the Murray River North Group calls Tailem Bend home as it builds seven buildings for the Meningie Primary School with more projects looming on the horizon.

With two Junior, three Intermediate and two Senior School transportable buildings on his drawing board, Murray River North (MRN) Group’s Manager, Wayne Pratt of Oamaru, New Zealand, is busy resourcing and constructing components to meet the stringent requirements of the Australian Building Code.

MRN Group, Manager, Wayne Pratt of Oamaru, New Zealand looking at his plans and calculating costs, in between phone calls from all over the state.


“I moved to Australia in the 1980’s, working all over the place, even worked for MRN in their Alice Springs Yard, until I retired and moved back to New Zealand in 2014,” Wayne said. “Well, I tried to retire but it didn’t work out, I was bored senseless and when the guys at MRN gave me a call, I didn’t hesitate – I was on the next plane back to Australia.”

With over twenty-five years of experience, MRN is a substantial Australian construction firm with unrivalled capability of delivering TR Homes residential and MRN Construction commercial and government buildings to some of the most inaccessible and remote locations in Australia.

“We’re not just into residential and commercial buildings, we’re into civil works, steel framing, fabrication, cabinetry, plumbing, logistics, even concrete and piloting vehicles – there’s never a dull moment at MRN.” Wayne said. “We’re busy all over the place in Western Australia, Northern Territory and South Australia – so there’s always something to do.”

Constructing the transportable buildings in their Tailem Bend yard, the buildings will be mounted on cement slabs before being dismantled for transportation to the Primary School in Meningie.

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