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Community Centre Tailem Bend

Tailem Bend Community Centre

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With the ever-changing landscape of government funding, the Tailem Bend Community Centre looks to invest in regional property to safeguard its delivery of services.

Expanding its services to over 25,000 square kilometres, the Tailem Bend Community Centre (TBCC) CEO Tammy Shepherd, is exceptionally proud of her teams’ achievements and recognises the significance of protecting the future for the Community.

“We have a friendly, helpful team, of paid staff and volunteers, who really enjoy helping people and families within the Coorong District – and now we even assist communities within the River City of Murray Bridge and more recently, in Callington,” Tammy said. “As you would appreciate, we rely heavily on funding to deliver most of our services so administrative governance is vital to our existence, but with most funding being reassessed every few years or so, the Board is looking towards property investment, to sure-up its independence into the future.”

“We provide services to 21.6% of Coorong residents and all of our team are passionate about the Centre’s ability to make a difference,” Tammy said. “We really change lives making time to create opportunities for people to learn and grow. We also help people break through all the red tape and most importantly, we love helping people.”

The TBCC is an independent organisation that supports the diverse needs of people within Tailem Bend and its surrounding communities.

The TBCC is open 9am to 4.30pm Tuesdays to Fridays and some week nights, encouraging social interaction, while offering affordable, easily accessible, lifelong learning.

There are many dedicated volunteers welcoming and offering support to all that visit – including the aged, disabled and the disadvantaged.

The TBCC is situated at 141 Railway Terrace, Tailem Bend so feel free to drop in for a chat or volunteer, you can also phone them on 8572 3513.

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