Meningie’s best kept secrets

Trevor Rasheed has been the keeper of secrets for more than 30 years.

He has seen people come and go in his time as a sales agent in Meningie, and believes the town is once again on the verge of change.

And he has seen it before.  ‘In the early 2000’s, before the drought, Meningie saw a flood of people trading high-price lifestyles to take advantage of affordable real estate,’ Trevor says. ‘But the best kept secrets of Meningie are what attracts people to the region. They tell me that the lake, top notch medical facilities and the relaxed pace are also major drawcards.’

‘I’m seeing the early stages of people from Adelaide and interstate, who have sold up and cashed up, and attracted to a more affordable lifestyle, with the added bonus of a healthy nest egg,’ says Trevor.

These same reasons are drawing people to Meningie again, and Trevor says the influx of tree-changers and retirees, combined with growing numbers of tourists, is the future of the town and the region.

‘It will grow slowly, but steadily,’ Trevor predicts.  ‘People tell me they are looking to be part of a great community, and they soon discover just how strong the social thread is in this town.  There’s always opportunities to get involved – sport, hobby clubs, service organisations, fundraising. No one knocks back a volunteer around here!’

Trevor recently sold his agency, but wasn’t ready to hang up the boots, and so has continued with Coorong Realty.  His specialty has always been working in farm and agribusiness sales, and says the best part of the whole journey has been the interaction with people.

‘I’ve learned so much and made many friends through real estate.  I once showed a lovely couple 28 properties throughout Meningie.  It took over two years.  Just as I’m thinking that I’m never going to crack it, they bought the 29th one!  They stayed for years, and we became great friends,’ Trevor laughs. ‘Patience and persistence pays off!’ 

He’s seen a lot of changes in the town over the years, some sad, but a lot that are great.  Improved facilities at the oval and hospital, and tourism developments like Lions Park on the lakefront, are huge drawcards for people buying into the region.  ‘The park is an absolute show-stopper and always full of people.  It shows the potential of what this town can do.’

‘Prices are steadily growing, but still cheap when compared to other regions.  We have affordable waterfront here, and all the lifestyle benefits that go with living on a lake, without the high cost.’

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