New Beginning for Coorong Realty Dynamo

Coorong Realty’s Nicki Fegen has embraced a new life in Australia and a new career in property marketing. 

Nicki, her husband and two young children emigrated from South Africa just a few years ago, and have embraced their new life with enthusiasm.  Living on a local broiler chicken farm that her husband manages, Nicki and the kids all help out on the farm.

The lure of a new adventure and opportunities was the driving factor to make regional Australia their new home. 

And, Nicki’s bubbly and fearless nature has made the transition a smooth one.  ‘We are so inspired by the passion that local people have for the Coorong,’ she says. ‘We take every chance we can to explore the many sights and experiences of our new home, and the Coorong is breathtaking.’ 

Further afield, Nicki and her family have been astounded by just how much there is to do and see in South Australia.  ‘We have learned to surf at Moana, hiked many of the walking trails throughout the regions, and next is kayaking with dolphins.’

Nicki is thoroughly enjoying her role in property marketing.  ‘I have learned that I have a creative side, that frankly, I never knew existed,’ she laughs.  ‘I have enjoyed being in a professional environment at work, and I love being challenged every day to learn new things and stretch both my skill set and expectations of myself.’

‘I’m surrounded by passionate and energised property people, every day, and so we are on track to get into the property market ourselves.’

So, what’s next for Nicki?  ‘I genuinely enjoy my work, so I’m keen to see what new challenges come my way next.  And more travel.  We are so excited to have passed our Australian citizenship test recently and look forward to exploring this beautiful country that is now our home.’

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