From Railway Gangs to Motorsport Luxury

Tailem Bend Group Accommodation

From Railway Gangs to Motorsport Luxury

Identified as the ‘Barracks’ for well over fifty years, John Scott’s ground-breaking facelift of Tailem Bend’s Railway Barracks is finally ready to meet the ever-growing accommodation needs of the region.

Taking just on two years to complete, the newly named luxury property ‘The Bunkhouse‘ situated on the corner of Webb Street and Cooke Terrace in Tailem Bend, provides much needed high-end, contemporary style group accommodation.

Developer and Electrician of twenty-five years, John Scott of Yatala Vale, has been busy over the past four years developing a number of other properties in Adelaide’s northern suburbs. The Bunkhouse in Tailem Bend now tops his long list of Real Estate successes, as his biggest project so far.

Tailem Bend Group Accommodation

The old Railway Barracks was really run down, I just wanted to get it back to the best it could be,” John said. “And now I’m handing over the baton to Kerry and her team at Coorong Realty to build the occupancy of my investment.”

Being John’s first venture outside of Adelaide, the low entry cost and the subsequent building of the world’s second largest Motorsport Park, the temptation to invest in Tailem Bend was too strong to resist.

“Throughout the project we made sure that everything was finished at a high standard” John said.

With a fully equipped communal kitchen (including a 900mm chef’s oven, dishwasher, microwaves, fridges and freezers) four family bedrooms, 18 doubles, The Bunkhouse can sleep up to 44 guests (twin share) and with guest parking, it’s only five minutes away from The Bend Motorsport Park and the unique Coorong, Lower Lakes and River Murray region, John is expecting a high occupancy into the future.

I’ve also purchased two adjoining blocks, and if things go to plan, I’m looking forward to the opportunity to develop in the near future,” John said. “So, if you’re looking for any group accommodation, or you know anyone in a car, bike, racing club, any club, please give the team at Coorong Realty a call.”

A special acknowledgement to Peter ‘Willow’ Williams and his team for all their incredible effort from start to finish.

Open Day

A community open day is planned for The Bunkhouse on Friday July 6th at 10.30am and everyone is welcome.  Come along and see the transformation for yourselves.

Group Accommodation Tailem Bend Bunkhouse

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