Living off grid!

Wellington invest in property

Living off grid!

Holiday Accommodation

Positioning his base camp at Wellington East, retired policeman, Matt Baillie of Bankstown NSW, lives off the grid pursuing his passions of motorcycle racing and more importantly, spending time with his young son, Don.

Choosing to investing into interesting off the grid holiday/workforce rental properties, to save on his ever-growing daily living costs when in residence, Matt is finally able to keep up with his live style and his expensive KTM RC8R racing track weapon.

Wellington invest in property

It’s an exciting life style, but Don is my special little buddy, he’s the reason I get up every day, he’s my unseen co-pilot and hopefully, one day he’ll be my one-man travelling pit crew,’ Don said.

Invest in Wellington South Australlia

Flying to and from Track days all over Asia, Matt has holiday/workforce rental properties in Sydney, Wellington East, the Philippines and soon in Thailand.

‘Once the Wellington property is set up, we’re off again to the Philippines for a few track days at Clark International Speedway,’ Matt said.

‘I can’t wait to come back, booking myself into our Wellington rental, so we can check out the first Motor GP at The Bend Motorsport Park – it’s going to be awesome.’


Off Grid

For Matt, buying at Wellington was also a sound financial investment as his property is located in the ‘Off Grid’ section of Wellington East, meaning he is self sufficient.

For some, choosing to unplug from the city is an expression of freedom, but for many the decision brings significant economic advantages.


Our guests really enjoy the experience of living off the grid and it’s a breeze to set up these days,’ Matt said.

‘The additional rental income is great and our personal savings, that’s when we’re home, is wonderful.

It’s an exciting time in my life and all the spare dollars go so much further in Asia – it’s like stepping into a 70’s financial time tunnel.’

The solar power suppliers in the market have been really helpful and maintenance and installation has been a breeze.

Of course, the money we save  on power plus the additional rental income is great.  It’s a very exciting time in my life and all the spare dollars go so much further (for travel) in Asia.”

Becoming partially or fully autonomous from power sources and modern municipal hook-ups has never been so easier and with blocks of land in Wellington East, near the River Murray and The Bend Motorsport Park near Tailem Bend being so well priced, it’s finally affordable.


For more details and help contact the team at Coorong Realty on 08 8572 4555.

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